The twelve CDs of 2014

A faithful reader has asked me to compile a “best of” list for CDs of 2014.  OK, I’m game.

But best of what?  My listening is too eclectic to fit into any genre, too spotty to have heard it all, too idiosyncratic to be anything more than my own personal choice.  While my job used to entail keeping up with all the new classical releases — nice work which I was happy to have gotten —  I can’t be bothered to do so anymore, unless it’s something really new.  Living the great classical works in concert can still be a thrill.  But the idea of having to feign excitement for the skatey-eighth recording of the Bach Violin Concertos or Brahms Symphonies frankly fills me with dread.  I’ve heard those notes before, man — give me new notes!

Here, with links to my blogged reviews, are my personal best albums for 2014. Please add one or two of your own, in any genre, in the comments section.


John Luther Adams: “Become Ocean

Brooklyn Rider:  “The Brooklyn Rider Almanac


A Far Cry: “Dreams & Prayers

Flying Lotus: “You’re Dead!


Grouper:  “Ruins

Imogen Heap: “Sparks


Gabriel Kahane: “The Ambassador

David Krakauer, Matt Haimovitz, et al.: “Akoka


Leyla McCalla: “Vari-Colored Songs — A Tribute to Langston Hughes

Owen Pallett: “In Conflict

Ariel Pink: “pom pom

Tune-Yards: “Nikki Nack

And yours?  Please share.

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