What’s going on here?

I’m a retired 35-year public radio classical music professional, a classical music presenter (plug, plug) and lifelong lover of music of many kinds, especially the good kinds.  I live contentedly in Shutesbury (not Shrewsbury) Massachusetts with my wife, composer and music teacher Karen Tarlow, daughter Abolee Joy, two cats and many CDs.

2 thoughts on “What’s going on here?

  1. Dear John,
    I so wish you were still on the air. Every time I listen to the music of Nino Rota- which is often- I thank you for playing his scores on the radio. The present morning program is too full of Renaissance pipes and drums for my taste, and I tend to wait until the afternoon comes around with your former colleague Walter Carroll.
    It’s nice to know you live just up the road in Shutesbury.

    • Hi Alice! Thanks for the nice words. A shout-out for Nino Rota is always welcome. Goodness, it’s been almost seven years since my retirement. I don’t comment on the current programming on NEPM, or whatever it’s called nowadays, but I’m glad you still enjoy Walter’s programming. Take care!

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