Album du jour: Beach House, “Depression Cherry”


If one were inclined to associate guilt with easy musical pleasures, which I do not, this album ought to be good for about a year’s probation and community service. Exemplars of a sub-genre known as “dream pop,” the Baltimore-based duo Beach House (Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand) luxuriate in sound for sound’s sake, a kind of updated version of Phil Spector’s “wall of sound.” Tempos tend toward the slower side of moderate, textures are filled with keyboard pedals, ciphers and swirls, melodies, sung by Ms. Legrand and drenched in reverb, soar heavenward. Fans of the Cocteau Twins (remember them?) will enjoy themselves, and will also get a kick out of the mix of live and machine-derived drumming. Play real loud.

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