Coming up: A man, his cello, and lots of Bach


(Photo: The console, loudspeaker and accessories of Gregory Beaver’s International Touring Cello, powered down to save energy.)

Last time out, I reviewed a performance by an amazing young musician whose appeal, it has to be admitted, relies to a substantial degree on flair, showmanship and some pretty cool whistles and bells.

This time, I direct your attention to its near-antithesis: a single performer, a low-tech set-up, and some bare lines of music from 300 years ago. Yet the results promise to be equally inspiring.

To wit: Gregory Beaver, the cellist of the superb Chiara String Quartet, will perform the complete set of J.S. Bach’s Suites for Solo Cello, Tuesday evening at 7:00 in the new barn of the Greenwood Music Camp in Cummington, Mass. Here’s Greg’s personal message:

I’d be honored if anyone joins me in this journey. Bach is humbling, and these Suites are well worth the 20 years of effort I have exerted to prepare this evening. The energy they provide will sustain all who come.

See you there?

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