Paragraph du jour

Here’s the opening paragraph from Washington Post classical critic Anne Midgette’s review of Saturday’s DC recital by superstar pianist Lang Lang:

It’s fashionable, in certain circles, to complain that we live in a world that takes intelligence as a sign of elitism and scorns it accordingly. Yet many classical music lovers propagate this same divide by looking down their noses at anything that smacks of populism — including some of the most popular artists in the field.

You said it, Ms. Midgette!  Now, if I were to sneak just two more words into the paragraph, I would have written “Yet many classical music lovers and critics propagate the same divide…,” but that’s just me with my bad attitude about classical critics.  Well, if the critics keep writing such open-eyed and self-aware stuff as the above, my attitude may show signs of improvement.  Thanks!


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