Reader poll: A most fashionable composer


READER POLL:  A classical composer is profiled in the New York Times this week — not for his music, but for his fashion and style.  Your reaction:

1.  For shame!  It’s yet another sign of the trivialization and sensationalism that has dumbed down classical music  — and from the paper that just laid off one of its best classical critics.

2.  Great!  It’s a hopeful sign that classical music is finally coming down from its ivory tower and joining the rest of American culture.

3.  It’s fine with me — just as long at it’s not that &%$# Eric Whitacre (below) again.


4.  Where can I find me some cool Ann Demeulemeester pieces?

5.  Whatever.

Please feel free to expound to your heart’s (or spleen’s) content in the reply section.  And Happy New Year!

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