Album du jour: Ava Luna, “Infinite House”


Where has Ava Luna been all my life? Well, in Brooklyn, which one would think needs another hipster indie band like Nashville needs another country singer. But there’s always room for a good one, especially one that adds a unique sound and appealing style to the mix.

Which Ava Luna does big time. Soulful, playful, loose in spirit while tight in execution, this band can turn from mysterious vamp to metallic thrash at the drop of bar line. The three singers, one male and two female, can actually sing, singly and together, though what they sing defies easy description. I will say, however, that it’s refreshing to hear a little blues and funk in a genre that, as some have noted, does tend toward paleness. “Infinite House” is Ava Luna’s third full-length album; now pardon me while I track down the other two. All their music is available for download from Bandcamp. While Spotify is swell, I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if you actually purchased their albums. Heck, they might even be persuaded to make another one someday.

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