Coming up: Happy birthday, JSB!

1978905_10201777297143130_1276115297_n - Copy

Listen up, people:  The greatest musical genius in the history of the universe only turns 329 once.  So don’t miss your chance to wish him “Alles Gute zum Geburtstag” (in beautifully voiced four-part harmony, of course) this Friday evening, March 21, when Peter Blanchette, the Pioneer Valley’s own Segovia (or perhaps Dick Dale) of the archguitar, brings his posse into the Christian Science Society of Northampton for his 7th Annual Bach’s Birthday Celebration Concert.

Sadly, as you can see above, Handel can’t make it.  But at least old George Frideric (or Georg Friedrich, if you insist) will be represented musically by some of his “Water Music.”  Who else is on the invite list?  One never knows when Peter picks out the tunes.  Also on hand will be one of the few other archguitarists in captivity, Elliot Gibbons; since this is Northampton, archguitar duets are permitted.  And rounding out the band will be Mark Davis on mandola, the instrument that is to the mandolin what the viola is to the violin, and Philip Helzer on cello, the instrument that is to the violin what the cello is to the violin.

Today being Saint Paddy’s, let’s leave you with Peter and his archguitar in a lovely Spanish church, playing one of Turlough O’Carolan‘s best.  Amazing thought: The Irish bard and the Leipzig cantor were contemporaries!  If only they had gotten together to jam…

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